How to Practice Nudity in Your Family

As many people come to discover, sex and nudity are not the same thing. Many families are foregoing social taboos, and practice healthy and relaxed nudity in the privacy of their homes—feeling it promotes a wholesome understanding of the human body as it is, not as it is sexualized in the media. This article is not designed to coerce you into baring it all, but rather to help you learn how to comfortably practice nudity in your family, and decide if it's right for you.

Explore family nudity without feeling it's abnormal. Young children have not yet acquired a sophisticated understanding of modesty, and really don't care who sees them naked.

  • This is the time when the parent can teach children not to be self-conscious of their bodies or of their nakedness. This, in turn, will help children associate nakedness to routine activity instead of exclusively sexual activity. As a result, the more prurient forms of nakedness lose their "forbidden fruit" appeal.

Keep nudity natural. Allow your children—from birth—to see you in ordinary nude situations, as you feel comfortable. Dressing and bathing are everyday activities where nudity is either part of the process (dressing) or required (bathing).

  • Toilet activities, while natural, are not something everybody is comfortable with sharing. Be true to your own personal restrictions—don't ever feel like you have to do something you're not comfortable doing.
  • On the flip side, nude cooking is not recommended for anybody, regardless of comfort level! There are places where hot oil simply doesn't belong.
  • By being comfortable with your own body you will naturally convey the message to your children that nudity really is okay and not something to fear or be grossed out about. There are naturally times in life when clothes must be worn for protection, for comfort, and to adhere to societal norms. However, by talking with your children about being comfortable with nudity at home, your children will grow up understanding that being nude and being seen nude at home isn't something "uncool, horrible, and utterly embarrassing."

Start early. Encourage family nudity right from birth. You'd be surprised how quickly potty training takes root when your toddler is allowed to go bare at home.

  • Be prepared for occasional "accidents," and handle these situations calmly without anger.

Celebrate the differences. As children begin to recognize differences between themselves, you, and your partner, explain to them the reason for these differences.

  • Suggested explanations are: "Mommy's breasts are for giving milk to babies like when you were small."
  • Another subject that may crop up is pubic hair: "Mommy and Daddy have hair down here because our bodies are warmer, and it helps keep our bodies cooler."
  • If the subject of sexual organs comes up (and it will), simply be honest and straightforward. "Mommy has a vagina, and daddy has a penis." Avoid using either silly or vulgar terms—they will be the words your children use when the subject comes up at school. And it will come up.

Avoid sexual expressiveness. Like bathroom time, sexuality is perfectly natural and normal. However, sexual displays are not for children of any age. It will likely confuse them at best, and traumatize them at worst.