Naked mannequin photographer banned from Facebook

A Canadian photographer has been banned from Facebook after criticism over her photos of naked women posing behind a mannequin.
Julia Busato insists she won't let the ban stop her, even though she says it's putting her livelihood at risk.
The photos have been shared more than 200,000 times and Julia says women are still asking to join the series.
But the images haven't been welcomed by everyone and Julia says she was banned after some Facebook users reported her.

Two models with mannequins

'Variety is what makes life interesting'

The project started a year ago when Julia was given the mannequin from a friend who found it at a second-hand store, and the idea took shape.
Julia, 46, says she took the photos to remind the world that "beauty should not be defined by a strict set of standards applied to everyone".
She says she believes she "doesn't fit into modern society's version" of what a woman should act like or look like.
The photos aren't just about weight any more either. Models began to use the mannequin in different ways to express their stories, with props to paint.
Models in the mannequin series

'It breaks my heart'

Although Julia's photos became more and more popular, she can't access her own Facebook page because her account has been suspended.
There have been thousands of comments debating the "Mannequin Series" but some users reported her over the content
"I have seen negative comments on the site and it breaks my heart because it defeats the purpose of the series," she says.
"I cannot do anything about the posts because I don't have access but I have been overwhelmed by the response on social media."
ulia says the stories of struggle, courage and triumph, which she heard while planning the shoots, motivated her to keep going.
"Each person has their own personal story about how they don't fit the standards expected from society".
She wrote a post on Facebook telling people that reporting her photos has more impact than they may realise.
Julia's Facebook post

'Giving women an outlet to share stories and help heal'

Despite the controversy, the photographer says she isn't finished yet.
She says she's still looking for people who want to share their stories and be part of the series.
"It lets people know that they aren't alone and it's OK to be different than the norm.
"Women are standing up for each other and supporting each other. The series is being shared all over the world and that brings me so much joy."
Models in the mannequin series
"The positivity is outweighing the negativity and bringing society's stigmas to the forefront to be faced head on.
"I just want women to love themselves unconditionally because we are all beautiful in our own ways."
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