Annual Southern California Nude Summer Games


You are invited to participate in the
Annual Southern California Nude Summer Games
Co-Sponsored by The Naturist Society and AANR-West

Saturday, August 8, Noon – 5 PM
Olive Dell Ranch, Colton

Gate Fee for Participants and Guests from Other Clubs: $16/person (show your club ID card)

This annual event celebrates the Ancient Games with a series of fun games of skill.  Choose all 10 events or just individual ones you may be good at! Sign up individual games of your choice, or sign up for ten events and have a chance at being declared the overall Decathlon winner! All events are designed for mixed genders and all ages.   Please bring your own folding chair.

We will start promptly at noon so please arrive early!

·         To honor the ancient Greeks, all Olympic participants will be nude.
·         Participants meet at Noon, poolside, for instructions. There is no advanced sign-up each events, just come to the location at the start time to participate. Mega-teams will be chosen at the time of the event, depending on who shows up. Winners must sign the log at the end of each event in order to receive point credit.
·         Both team sports and individual sports are included. There will be declared winner(s) for each event and points will be accumulated throughout the day to be part of your final score.

Mega-Team Sports (each winning team member gets 2 points):
·         Paper Cup Water Relay
·         Noodle relay team race
·         Hula Hoop Team Passing
·         Baton Relay Race
·         Egg & Spoon Race
2-Person Sports (3 points for a win, 2 for second, 1 for third).
·         Water Balloon Toss
·         3-Legged Race
Individual Sports (3 points for a win, 2 for second, 1 for third).
·         Water Bag Toss
·         Breath-Holding
·         Broomstick Javelin Throw – Distance
·         Frisbee Toss - Accuracy

The event day will end with a communal Pudding Toss which is just what it sounds like. (No, you don’t get bonus points for this.)

Dinner will be served at 6pm for an additional fee of $10.25 + tax, and consist of Bobby’s famous Ribeye steak, homemade macaroni salad, fresh grilled asparagus, salad, roll & chocolate banana split cupcake for $13.99 plus tax. Sign up for dinner in the cafĂ©. Awards Ceremony during dinner when all the winners will be announced and medals awarded for each individual sport, plus a Gold, Silver, and Bronze award for the overall highest point totals per individual, plus a Club Trophy for best Club score.

So, whether you wish to participate or just be a spectator you are assured of a great day's entertainment!