NudstRalph's Social Network has a social network running using server but as of June 20,2010 they will no longer allow nudity on there server and that is very bad for me and skinbook cause we both use the same server and that is I wasn't using the account that much but I have came back to use this as my default blog account for my website at and I shouldn't of stop using this account but I did and I'm back using this blog again. I hope that ning changes there Terms of Service cause I think they will be losing over 9000 plus members and all kinds of networks. I was going to purchase account at ning site but not now unless they change there TOS and I think that skinbook is trying to contact them but as of now no luck. So Skinbook might have to find a new home just like I have too, we have until August 20, 2010. This is a very sad decision what ning is doing but like always we build them then we get kicked out.


My NEW NRSN is at MeWe

See you there....