One in 10 employees enjoy working from home in the nude

December 15, 2020
Nudes in the News

A new global survey has found a surprising number of workers who like to work in the nude.

A global survey involving more than 8000 employees from small-to-medium businesses has revealed some interesting remote working habits – some of which will be hard to kick if workers are made to return to office spaces in the new year. 

The survey, commissioned by global cybersecurity company Kaspersky, found some workers admitted to enjoying working in the nude. Actually those are the only ones that will admit it. 

All workers who suddenly had to adapt to doing their jobs remotely, while balancing daily tasks such as child rearing with their own mental and physical health. This is no small feat.

But perhaps working remotely has proven to be more productive and enjoyable than previously assumed. 

Employees no longer needed to wake up earlier to make the long commute to work. And 42% of them took full advantage, admitting to snoozing during the day. 

In South Africa, 15% of respondents openly admitted to swapping their work attire for, well, no attire at
all. Globally, this is at 11%.

For 37% of respondents, there is no going back. They have tasted the comfort of working from home, and now insist on a more flexible work schedule, to balance working from home and visiting the office. 

Nearly half of the respondents said the most signifiant benefit of working from home was being able to spend more time with loved ones. 41% found working from home saved them money.