Largest clothing optional area on BLM land in Arizona

 January 31, 2021 by Nudes in the News

The Magic Circle is a 450 acre area designated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) where naturists can enjoy camping nude legally. The Magic Circle is not a club. There are no memberships or fees; it is a camping area, and usually has a large tent for events, a storage trailer, and other items, as well as participants who volunteer their time. Stay for a day or stay for months! 

They have designated an activities committee. Some of the activities in the tent include breakfasts, dances, Saturday night movies, yoga, Zumba, and crafts. There is usually a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas get together. For those inclined, they have over 3 miles of hiking trails, as shown in light blue on the above map. The trail is lined with rocks and raked in the middle so you can hike barefoot. 

The rules here are the BLM rules. The BLM has requested that we do not go on the roof of our RVs without clothes. The BLM has also requested that we stay well within the boundaries of our area when nude.

The Magic Circle is a legal clothing-optional area. Weather permitting, nude is always encouraged within the Magic Circle, especially within the tent. The tent, when needed, is heated to a temperature which most people would find comfortable in the nude for all events.

The Magic Circle welcomes people of all races, religions, political parties, or sexual preferences. Social conduct in the Magic Circle is the same as in mainstream social behavior. Nudity should not change your social behavior. Public sexual activity is unacceptable here just as it is in everyday life.

There are no marked campsites. Camp anywhere you choose. We recommend you position the patio side of your RV to the south.

This community is funded only with your donations. Please be generous if you want to support continued functioning of the clubhouse tent and activities. Remember, all work done is by volunteers. If you don’t like the way things are done, please volunteer! Complaining only stops people from volunteering. This could end our enjoyable way of life. Do join us in the clubhouse tent every day at 4:00 pm for our Meet and Greet hour. We hope you enjoy the Magic Circle as much as we do! Naturist rights are like muscles, if you don’t exercise them they will go away. 

Directions to the Magic Circle:

From Quartzsite, go south on Hwy 95. In about 2 miles watch for La Posa South BLM-LTVA on the east side of Hwy 95. Turn left in there. East. Register and pay the BLM fee at the ranger station. From the Gatehouse proceed generally southeast for a little over 2 miles–the first mile of which is paved. At the end of the first mile, near the end of the pavement, you will find the water and dump stations and dumpsters. Continue on the dirt road. After approximately 1 mile you will see a very little green sign stating “N.N.G.D.G.C.” with an arrow pointing to the right. I have no idea what those letters stand for. They are trying to keep it a secret so it’s not too busy but I’m letting you know. This is one of three entrances to the Magic Circle. There are boundary signs at each entrance that said clothing optional beyond this point. 

The Magic Circle tent and campfire circle:

33.600420, -114.197790

You do not have to go that far but park anywhere. The Magic Circle consists of 450 acres. If you intent to be nude, please stay within the Magic Circle boundaries. IMPORTANT: The tent is not set up this year because of Covid. There’s less than half the people than there normally is. But it’s still clothing optional and you can camp anywhere with an RV. Day use is fine without an RV or camp in a tent in the designated tent areas outside of The Magic Circle. 

For more info visit There is a video shows that they just taped here and more to come. Or email us at: or call toll free: 877-261-6184 or 559-702-NUDE (6833).